About Us

Solar energy is becoming a primary solution for energy policy in many countries around the world. Low production costs, good product stability, reliability and high return on investment are the key factors we focus on at W&K Solar Singapore, in order to deploy viable and cost-effective solar installations.



Scalability – WK Solar Group is able to scale rapidly based upon our efficient industrial processes and low capital requirements.

Throughput – Robust automated manufacturing lines have been designed for high throughputs.

Low waste – Processes specially designed to minimise material waste and zero discharge. This reduces processing costs and minimises recycling, additionally it allows for maximum equipment uptime.

High yield – Tightly controlled process parameters and ability to ensure highly uniform thin-films, results in very high product yields.

Low cost – Efficient processes, high throughput and minimal waste enable WK Solar to offer high value, low cost PV Solar Modules.


W&K Solar’s mission is to produce and deploy cost effective and energy efficient solar modules while managing every aspect of the product life cycle – from raw material sourcing through operation to end of life collection and recycling. Our objectives are continuous product improvement through research and development and reduction of hazardous emissions & waste in the environment, while striving for industry-leading environmental, health and safety management systems.

The W&K Solar Management Team is committed to advancing solar technology while minimizing waste and raising efficiency to provide for more affordable clean renewable energy.

W&K Solar is a leading manufacturer of next generation Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) solar modules and, is committed to advancing solar technology with experience and expertise. W&K Solar’s manufacturing team bring a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in thin-film photovoltaics.

W&K Solar manufactures CdTe thin film modules and provides the design, installation and commissioning services for On-grid and Off-grid solar applications.

W&K Solar Singapore is committed to bringing the real-world advantages of Cadmium Telluride thin-film technology to Asia and the Middle East, providing sustainable solar energy solutions for a brighter future.